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You, Us, Farmers & Workers – It’s Better Together

We are defined by the values we cherish most. When we choose Fairtrade, we become more than just a brand, or a farmer, or a grocer, or a shopper. We become the embodiment of a vision for a better world – a world where farmers and workers have an equal seat at the table. We become part of a movement for change that makes a difference with our choices. We are defined by Fairtrade’s values of equality, dignity, and respect. We are Fairtrade.

Throughout the month of October we will be celebrating our collective effort in building a fairer world. For the first time this year, we are partnering with our friends at Fairtrade America to make Fairtrade Month even bigger. You can check out their campaign page here.

It’s a party where all the guests have a seat at the table.



This is the Future of Farming – A Conversation with the Next Generation of Farmers

What do a banana farmer, a cocoa farmer, a coffee farmer, and an American eco-communicator all have in common?

Hope for a better world.

The next generation of agricultural stewardship is here, and they’re hopeful for the future.

Join us for a candid conversation with Ana Polo Aguilar, a banana farmer from Ecuador, Felix Tetteh, a cocoa farmer from Ghana, and Zuly Granados, a coffee farmer from Guatemala.

Three different farmers, three different realities, one vision: a future where people and planet are respected.

Hosted in partnership with Fairtrade America, this session will be moderated by Leah Thomas, a community organizer, author and eco-communicator.

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Campus Challenge

Congratulations to Wilfrid Laurier,
the winners of this year’s Challenge.

Thank you to everyone who participated and see you next year!



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We’ve put together digital resources you can customize for your social channels – from stunning images of Fairtrade farmers and workers to Instagram Reels.

Celebrating in the USA? Check out the resources from our friends at Fairtrade America here.


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