P(l)ay fair this Fairtrade Month


The name of the game is: It’s only fair

Call it being given the shorter end of the stick or the smallest piece of the pie, unfairness is a universal notion many of us have experienced. For many farmers and workers, this lack of fairness is a recurring and standard practice. It rears its head in the form of indecent wages, dangerous working conditions, or discrimination based on gender. It doesn’t have to be this way.

If there is coffee in your cup, cocoa in your chocolate bar, and bananas in your smoothies, it’s only fair to ensure producers get their fair piece of the pie, too.


Brands & Retailers

Here’s the deal

By buying Fairtrade products, you are contributing to all the ways Fairtrade fights for a fairer trade system. And in celebration of Fairtrade Month, some of our most committed brands and retailers are offering great deals and promotions for you to stock up on a variety of your Fairtrade favourites.


Spread the word

Share producer images, social banners, and other stunning visual assets with your friends and community to show you believe fair pay for producers is only fair.

Get Involved

The crew is all here

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It’s Only Fair

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