9 Ways to Make Your 2023 More Fair


by Aissatou Bah

Set your 2023 New Year’s ethical shopping resolutions with Fairtrade 

The new year is a time when promises are made and goals are set in the name of becoming a better you. This January, how about intentionally making choices to help pave the path towards a fairer way of life for communities across the globe? 

That’s right – new year, new you, but make it fair! We’re talking about spreading love towards people and the planet. A world where more farmers and workers have equitable rights, women become leaders in their communities, and environmentally sustainable practices are the norm.  

Below, you’ll find some or our top picks of Fairtrade products to test out this year, which will benefit you while also being better for humanity and the planet, too.  

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Discover Fairtrade’s picks for ethical shopping in the new year

Jumping Bean Fairtrade Coffee ethical shopping
Fill your mornings with Jumping Bean’s Fairtrade Coffee.

Pantry Essentials

We’re bananas about Equifruit! The company is 100% Fairtrade and 100% for fair pay, safe working conditions, and a workplace without child and forced labour. If you’re in Quebec or Ontario, visit a produce aisle near you to make the simple swap from ordinary bananas to fair bananas. 

Chocolate fans unite! We’ve got the perfect treat for you. OMG!’s Milk Chocolate Almond & Toffee Clusters is crafted with a delicious blend of Fairtrade cocoa and nuts for the perfect combo of milk chocolate, almonds, toffee, and crispy wafers. Talk about a yummy mid-day snack! 

If chocolate isn’t your thing, you can indulge in a bolder breakfast choice with Nature’s Path’s espresso vanilla cream granola. Satisfy your caffeine fix with this little gem featuring a delicious contrast of Fairtrade cocoa and espresso, as well as Italian white chocolate chunks. Are you a purist and prefer just a great cup of certified Organic coffee for breakfast? Head on over to Jumping Bean Coffee to discover their aromatic and rich signature East Coast Roast

Nothing says fair like a hot cup of herbal brew picked by Fairtrade farmers and workers that receive a fair wage. Warm notes, sweet spices, and floral flavours – these are a few of our favourite things! Camellia Sinensis’ Fairtrade tea collection makes it easy to upgrade your purchasing habits from plain old shopping to rockstar ethical shopping. In fact, they’ve proven that not all tea is created equal. Part of the profits made from the teas is used to build infrastructure in India, its country of origin.  

Fairtrade Cotton socks ethical shopping
Step into the new year with Fairtrade cotton socks from Conscious Step.

Apparel & Accessories

Cozy up and watch your favourite TV shows or movies with Organic-certified cotton socks. Conscious Step carries a wide selection of socks that are practical and support one of their nonprofit partners. For example, if your favourite movie is Finding Nemo and you want to protect sea life, check out these socks that protect oceans. Have a green thumb and love curbing carbon emissions? These socks that plant trees are made just for you! 

Fairtrade cotton sheets takasa ethical shopping
Good mornings become fair mornings when waking up in Takasa’s Fairtrade cotton sheets.

Bath & Home 

Time to give your home or personal space a new look and feel this year! All of Homebird’s products are made from Fairtrade cotton, so you can enjoy a good night’s rest on comfortable sheets knowing that they’re ethically crafted with Fairtrade certified cotton. Plus, Homebird only partners with factories that are also Fairtrade-certified. 

Takasa also offers heavenly Fairtrade cotton bedding options for sweet dreams and fair mornings. Or if you enjoy a warm bath after a long day of ethical shopping, owning Organic Fairtrade cotton bath towels from Takasa is a must! Not only are these products crafted to last, but they are made with social and environmental sustainability in mind.

At Fairtrade, we strive to see a world where all farmers and workers can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfil their potential, and decide on their future. Thank you for making better buying choices with your wallet. Here’s to a healthy and happy new year! May it be the fairest one yet. 🌎 

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