Why Partner With Us?

Fairtrade is good for your business – choose the trusted independent certification that Canadian consumers are looking for.

Fairtrade is trusted by consumers

We’re the world’s most trusted and recognized ethical mark, with 25 years of experience in delivering real change to producer livelihoods. We work with hundreds of professionals, from retailers to global brands to small businesses. Our team of experts offers services going beyond certification, from developing a sustainable supply chain strategy, to resolving challenges within your supply chain, or helping you communicate about your sustainability commitments.

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Strong mark trust

82% of Canadians who have seen the FAIRTRADE Mark trust it as an independent ethical certification label. 

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Trusted products

More than 70% of Canadians who buy Fairtrade certified products would recommend them to others.

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Strong mark recognition

42% of Canadians recognize the FAIRTRADE Mark.

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In touch with customers

81% say the Mark has a positive impact on their opinion of a brand.

Fairtrade sells

The overall Fairtrade sales growth outpaced the total grocery performance.

Retail sales of Fairtrade products grew an estimated +5.4% in the market. This is ahead of total grocery performance which showed +1.9% growth over 2020, according to Statistics Canada.

Fairtrade coffee and bananas sales growth outperformed both conventional and Organic equivalents.

In 2021, Fairtrade products sales generated C$718M

You have a real impact

When you partner with Fairtrade, you contribute directly to improving the Fairtrade system and advancing projects like training programs for producers on climate resiliency, or funding initiatives focused on tackling core issues like workers’ rights or gender discrimination.

Fairtrade Premiums Generated in Canada

Local advocates are ready to promote your brand 

Every October, our annual Fair Trade Month celebration is dedicated to building awareness of Fairtrade’s mission, our brand partners, and products with the FAIRTRADE Mark. In 2022, 1700 retailers and 36 brands participated by hosting events and promotions to educate their shoppers about your commitment to trade justice.  

We work with local community groups through our Fair Trade Programs network to boost awareness and understanding of trade issues, and to promote the purchase of Fairtrade products. Almost 8.5 million Canadians have been engaged through over 380 designations since 2006. 

We work with trusted and known brands across Canada

Source and sell ethically and responsibly

Canadians are increasingly expecting companies to source their products responsibly, with third-party independent certification being the most trusted way for them to easily identify such products on the grocery store shelf. Fairtrade’s best-in-class Standards, highly-recognized label, and strong support for businesses make us the ideal partner to strengthen your sustainability claims. 

As a Fairtrade partner, your sustainability impact goes beyond making sales by addressing and taking action against the root causes of poverty with the Fairtrade Price and Premium. Your partnership contributes to equipping famers and workers with the tools and knowledge they need to continue producing the products we love and plan for their futures.

Fairtrade is not just a certification or label – with Fairtrade, you’re on the ground with the producer organizations and field staff, making a real difference.


We’re here to support you

Do you have a question about using the FAIRTRADE Marks, finding a certified supply chain or need help marketing your newly certified product? Fairtrade is here to support you on your certification journey.