What we certify

Products that are certified Fairtrade make a real difference for farmers and workers around the world.

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Look for the FAIRTRADE Mark when you shop – there are thousands of certified products available across Canada. Explore the sections below to learn how Fairtrade works in different areas, and see how the people behind your favourite products experience real impact.


Bananas are grown on both small-scale farms and large plantations. But a highly competitive market creates price pressure on bananas, ultimately putting the squeeze on banana growers.

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Cocoa has grown to be one of the most prominent Fairtrade products since it was first certified in 1994. The Fairtrade Standards prohibit the use of child labour and address a number of other challenges that threaten the long-term sustainability of cocoa and the people behind it.

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Worldwide, over 125 million people, 25 million of whom are smallholder farmers, depend on coffee for their livelihoods, yet many are unable to earn a reliable living from this beloved and valuable crop. Fairtrade focuses its efforts on smallholder farmers, encouraging them to organize themselves into small producer-led organizations.

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The multi-billion-dollar tea industry employs millions of people, but working conditions and earnings for the producers are often dire. Fairtrade works with workers on plantations as well as with smallholder farmers to bring Fairtrade tea to consumers around the world.

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About 175 million tonnes of sugar are produced each year. The majority of that comes from sugar cane, with sugar beets in second place. Fairtrade works with small-scale sugar cane farmers to improve their bargaining position as well as their businesses and communities.

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Government subsidies in the countries of origin keep the price of cotton artificially low. We work with cooperatives of small-scale farmers so that they can earn sustainable incomes.

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When you choose Fairtrade flowers, tens of thousands of flower workers benefit from higher pay and better working conditions.

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Other products

Fairtrade is about far more than coffee, tea, and chocolate. You can find the FAIRTRADE Mark on a wide range of other products, from gold rings to soccer balls.

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