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Why Fairtrade?

Making an impact

Economic Impact

Small-scale farmers and workers earn sustainable incomes, meaning they can invest in their businesses, and community projects like schools and housing.

Child Protection Program Organization, GUAYA'B Comunidad Xayomlaj, Guatemala

Social Impact

Cooperatives give farmers more power and a stronger voice, child labour and gender discrimination are prohibited, and workers’ rights are protected.

Environmental Impact

Natural resources are carefully managed, the use of harmful chemicals is restricted, and farmers are supported in adapting to a changing climate.



More than

1.7 million

farmers and workers in Fairtrade certified producer organizations


of all farmers and workers in Fairtrade are women


Fairtrade certified producer organizations in 73 countries

$228.16 million

in Fairtrade Premium paid to producers in 2018


Small producer organizations invested 50% of their Fairtrade premium in services such as providing agricultural tools and inputs as well as cash payments

What We Do

Recognized & trusted

Fairtrade is a global organization working to secure a better deal for small-scale farmers and workers. The FAIRTRADE Mark is one of the world’s most recognized and trusted ethical product labels. It indicates that the producer at the start of the supply chain was paid and treated fairly.

Fairtrade is 50% owned by producers

Fairtrade is the only global sustainability standard in which producers have an equal voice in decision-making and governance.

Fairtrade Minimum Price

For most commodities, this provides producers with a stable and sustainable income, and acts as a safety net against market volatility.

Fairtrade Premium

An additional fund managed democratically by producer organizations for business investments and community development projects.


Our best-in-class Standards and independent verification are rigorous, transparent, and trusted to deliver sustainable impact for producers.


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