How to get involved

From attending or organizing events to buying Fairtrade products, or simply staying abreast on news and social media, there are many ways for you to contribute to the fair trade movement.

Here’s what you can do

The Fairtrade movement in Canada is passionate about making trade work for everyone. Be part of the change through grassroots community work and by participating in our national campaigns.

Fairtrade Month

Fairtrade Month is a month-long campaign dedicated to building awareness of Fairtrade’s mission, products, and partners by hosting events, featuring promotions, and celebrating community engagement.

Together, we celebrate: the sustainable commitment to trade justice made by our business partners, the advocacy of grassroots groups, and the dedication of Canadian shoppers to shop their values.

Fair Trade Programs

Fairtrade Canada operates Fair Trade Programs. We work with local community groups to boost awareness and understanding of trade issues, and to promote the purchase of Fairtrade products. Towns, Campuses, Schools, Workplaces, Faith Groups and Events can be designated.

Shop Fairtrade

Every time you shop, you have the opportunity to participate in a system that treats farmers and workers fairly and strives for a sustainable future. Whether its fighting for a living wage for workers, training farmers to be more resilient to climate change, or enabling communities to invest in education, when you shop Fairtrade, you know you’re buying items that are good for you, good for farmers and workers, and good for the planet.

Other resources

Shoppers, be first to hear about discount codes and giveaways. And if you want to promote Fairtrade in your community, we have tools to support you.

To me, fair trade means…