Fairtrade Certification

The certification process is a rigorous one, and we are with you every step of the way.

After connecting with our team and going through the business assessment, it’s time to enter the certification stage. This is when you certify your supply chain, get permission to trade on Fairtrade terms and become an official Fairtrade partner.

FLOCERT Application

Connect with FLOCERT, the third-party auditing group that we work with exclusively. We can help you determine what’s best for your business—certifying your existing supply chain or tapping into one that’s already certified. With a better understanding of what you need, you’ll submit a FLOCERT application along with their associated fees.

Konan Kouassi, Senior Program Officier at Fairtrade Africa showing chocolate bars to cocoa farmers at ECAMOM cooperative, Ivory Coast

Permission to Trade

Your application will be reviewed and, if approved, you will receive a Permission to Trade (PTT), which means you can now start officially sourcing Fairtrade products. Your brand is still not able to use the trusted Fairtrade Mark on your packaging, though. That’s the next step.

Licensing Contract

You enter into a licensing agreement with Fairtrade Canada. Now you are officially able to start using the Fairtrade Mark!

Rukmini, Garment Labour Union, Bengaluru, India

Artwork & Recipe Approval

Our Compliance Team will review the recipe and supply chains of the products you wish to label, making sure they were sourced from Fairtrade certified farms and meet any ingredient thresholds. The team will also help you correctly position and use the Fairtrade Mark on your certified products’ labels. Both of these actions are done through our partner portal Connect, which you’ll get training on. Any new products you launch in the future will go through the same steps.

Update Your Marketing Materials

As you get new packaging printed, it’s time to think through the many ways that your company can amplify the exciting news that your product(s) are now Fairtrade Certified! Educating your sales team and buyers is a good place to start, and we can help with training and marketing support.

Product Launch

We are excited to partner with you to celebrate the launch of your newly Fairtrade certified product!

Ready to get Fairtrade certified?

We’re in this together. Get in touch with the Fairtrade Canada team and we’ll work with you to better understand your business, your specific needs, and help you create a plan for getting certified.