Consumer Trends

From caring about the environment to wanting equal pay for historically marginalized groups and decent safety conditions for employees, people are voting with their dollars more than ever.

The Most Globally Recognized Ethical Label

Our biennial Fairtrade Consumer Insights report conducted by GlobeScan analyzed online survey results conducted among over 700 Canadian consumers and over 15,000 consumers globally. Their research revealed increased recognition of the Fairtrade Mark and favorable perception of Fairtrade certified brands and products.

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Awareness of the FAIRTRADE Mark is at 42% and rising.

81% of consumers say that Fairtrade has a positive impact on their perception of a brand.

82% of consumers trust the FAIRTRADE Mark.

Purchasing Habits and Attitudes of Canadians

We also undertake consumer data research with Leger, the largest market research and analytics company in Canada, to better understand consumer purchasing habits and learn about their attitudes towards Fairtrade and brands that carry the Fairtrade Mark.

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80% have a strong resonance with the idea of supporting farmers and ensuring fair pay, however, price is also a driving factor in grocery purchase decisions.

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90% are aware, and 58% are familiar with Fairtrade products. This is on par with eco-friendly and plant-based products. (Of those aged 23 years or above)

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57% among those aware, have purchased fair trade products in the past 6 months. (Of those aged 19-37 years)

47% among those aware are likely to purchase fair trade products in the future. (Of those aged 23-27 years)

Read the Full Report

Download our full GlobeScan report to gain insight on Canadians’ perception of ethical labels and their purchasing intent. You will also gain access to our webinar overview of the data as well as communications tools to share with your network.