Make this one a sustainable Mother’s Day

by Pippa Rogers

Moms. They are a force to be reckoned with; the pillars of our communities; the heart of many families. And that is why we have a special day to celebrate them.

Did you know that between 60-80% of the world’s food is grown by women and that many of these women are also mothers? But despite their hard work they often don’t own the land the land they farm, and see little of the profit made from it.

Women make up 25% of the smallholder farmers and workers partnering with Fairtrade, and this doesn’t account for the many women who work the land that is owned by their husbands or other male relatives. Often these women are mothers who are trying to build a thriving future for their children. 

Ana María Gutierrez is coffee farmer and member of ATAISI cooperative in El Salvador. From a very young age she became a single mother, and this was what prompted her to work to support her two children.

So, while you celebrate mom this year, why not make it a sustainable Mother’s Day and also honour the mothers who work hard producing our goods so they can provide for their families?

We’ve got a few ideas for fair trade Mother’s Day gifts from brands that support gender equality and some low carbon footprint activities to truly make it a sustainable Mother’s Day.

Sustainable Mother's Day - Sisters' Story Coffee

Start with the Classics: Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed never gets old – plus its about as low carbon footprint as you can get! Start mom’s morning off right with some thoughtful treats she can enjoy in bed.

You can make this a fair breakfast by serving up some Fairtrade certified coffee, from a company like Sisters’ Story Coffee.

Sisters’ Story purchases coffee from small scale Indigenous women farmers in the Andes of northern Peru and provides financial support to local women’s shelters and sexual assault centres.

Sustainable Mother's Day - Divine Chocolate

It’s a fact: Moms love picnics

Good eats, the great outdoors, quality time with the ones you love – what’s not to love about a picnic? Find a nice spot you can walk or bike to and lay out a spread fit for a queen.

You can find some fun local Fairtrade brands on our Shop Fairtrade Local page, but why not throw in some Fairtrade cashews and chocolate to make it truly decadent?

Get your Fairtrade cashews from Umano, a great choice for a low carbon footprint picnic because they are committed to zero-waste distribution. And try Divine Chocolate’s Chunky Chocolate Gift Set. Divine Chocolate and its co-owners Kuapa Kokoo, a Ghanaian cocoa cooperative, are both led by women, so not only are you getting delicious Fairtrade chocolate, you are also supporting women-led businesses.

Sustainable Mother's Day - The Good Tee

Support Women Owned Businesses

By making your Mother’s Day fair, you are already supporting Fairtrade’s work on gender equity. But you can go the extra mile by buying from women-owned businesses when thinking of gifts for mom. Many of the brands we work with are women-led and have a great story that you can share with your mom.

We’ve already given you a couple of ideas of women-owned businesses, but we have to give a shout out to The Good Tee. Adila Cokar founded The Good Tee to try and humanize the fashion industry. By offering Fairtrade and organic clothing, The Good Tee supports farmers and workers, many of whom are women, to have a better life. Gift mom a Fairtrade shopping spree and support a Canadian women-owned business!

Sustainable Mother's Day - Fish Hoek

Give Mom Some ‘Me Time’

Moms work hard, and sometimes the greatest gift is letting them just put up their feet and relax. While you take care of mom’s chores, encourage her to take a nice relaxing bath with her favourite book or tv show.

And you know what pairs nicely with a luxurious bath? A nice summer-y Fairtrade rosé. That’s right, you can even get Fairtrade certified wine! We love Fish Hoek’s Cinsault rosé, with its refreshing aromas of fresh raspberries and red berry flavours. For now it’s only available in Ontario and BC, but ask your local liquor store if they can carry it!

Sweeten the deal for mom by giving her a set of Fairtrade certified towels from Homebird. These are seriously some of the softest towels you’ve felt – PLUS they were made while respecting people and planet. Here’s to a sustainable Mother’s Day!

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