Back-to-school with Fairtrade school snacks 

by Pippa Rogers

It’s that time of year again. The summer heat settles, and the mind begins to shift to new beginnings. But before you swap swimsuits for supplies and goggles for glue sticks, prep your pantry with yummy Fairtrade school snacks for the ones heading back to class. 

Fairtrade school snacks
Samuel Appiah, 16, a JHS 2 student of the Asuadai MA School, Ghana dreams of becoming a lawyer. (c) Fairtrade/Fairpicture

For the kids 

Days being the ruler of recess can be exhausting. To make sure your children start their day off on the best foot, serve them a big bowl of Nature’s Path EnviroKidz cereal. Always Organic, gluten-free, non-GMO, and free of artificial ingredients, this healthy Fairtrade breakfast option also contributes to protecting endangered species. A portion of every sale is donated to projects ranging from habitat conservation to environmental education. 

For a midday Fairtrade school snack that’ll make the other kids jealous, opt for Umano dried fruits and nuts. Rich in vitamin C, B, potassium, and magnesium, the Organic and Fairtrade dried mangoes are an excellent, sustainable choice for growing minds and bodies. The Fairtrade and Organic cashews from COOPAKE (Agricultural Cooperative Kénédougou) in Burkina Faso are certified to have been harvested with practices that avoid producers’ hands being burnt by the irritant naturally present in cashew fruits. 

Out the door in a dash…like a Kardashian 

Late for school? Or trying to beat the early morning rush? For those students or parents of students that need to eat on the go, we have a few Fairtrade school snack options to save you precious time. Breakfast smoothies are a quick, easy, and nutritious option. Just throw into a blender an Equifruit banana, some Everland coconut milk, any of your favourite fruits, blend and go. And if you’re still pulling up your pants as you’re running out the door, load your backpack with Mid-Day Squares. Fairtrade, high protein, high fiber chocolate bars for the vegan student on the go – that’s the type of Fairtrade school snack that checks all the boxes. Fairtrade lesson #1: these bars are Kim Kardashian’s favourite ethically-produced on-the-go snack. 

Women working together at the Fairtrade Women’s School of Leadership Timor-Leste. (c) Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand

Early morning class 

Convenience is key when it comes to students that study at the crack of dawn (or maybe even earlier!). Prep breakfast overnight with Prana overnight chia and oats. Organic and Fairtrade, this mix of hearty oats and nourishing chia seeds will keep the hunger at bay throughout a studious morning. Or bring it long for a Fairtrade school snack to curb afternoon cravings.

For the big kids 

Nothing quite says late night study sesh like caffeine. Whether you need an afternoon pick-me-up to power through your final lecture of the day or you’re pulling an all-nighter studying for mid-terms, there are Fairtrade school snacks that put the fun in functional. The classic: a cup of coffee. But make it Fairtrade and organic, and you’re looking at Kicking Horse Coffee’s Smart Ass brew. Flavours of sweet syrup, vanilla bean, and stone fruit for the smarty pants that need that extra kick. 

No time to brew a pot of coffee? Awake chocolate caffeinated chocolate bars hold as much caffeine as half a cup of coffee! Vegan, gluten-free, and in a package that pits in the pocket, waking up with Fairtrade at any time of day just got even more exciting. 

Agricultural training session with Hélène Kouamé at a cocoa cooperative in Côte d’Ivoire. (c) Mohamed Aly Diabate/Fairtrade/Fairpicture

Shop Fairtrade 

So, you spent all summer doing the required reading and now you’re ready to impress your teachers. But are you ever really ready if you don’t have the best Fairtrade school snacks in your backpack, lunch pale, or car? We don’t think so. Luckily, there’s an easy way to find out where to buy Fairtrade products near you and what brands are certified Fairtrade. Check out our Shop local page to discover the variety of products for an ethical school year, and head over to our Where to find Fairtrade page to find stores near you with Fairtrade products on their shelves.  

Wishing you and your loved ones the best back-to-school season with Fairtrade by your side. And make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to hear about new Fairtrade products as soon as they hit the market. 

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