• Flowers


    13 August 2020 by Fairtrade Africa

    * This post contains information which some readers may find upsetting, including descriptions of abuse of women and children. Please note that we have removed the names of the people involved, as well as the names of their workplaces in order to protect their privacy and safety.

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    CLAC´s Relief Fund helps cocoa cooperative in Peru to implement biosafety protocol

    11 August 2020 by CLAC

    In the collection center of the Cooperativa Agraria Ecológica Cacaotera Valle Río Ene (COOPAVRE), located in the Junin region, in Peru, each producer who brings his cocoa, wears a mask on a mandatory basis, washes his hands, disinfects his shoes and has his temperature measured before delivering his product. 

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  • Fairtrade

    Unpacking the Fairtrade Sourced Ingredient Model and What it Means for Fairtrade Cocoa

    28 July 2020 by Interview with Helen Reimer, Director of Business Development at Fairtrade Canada

    Helen is passionate about justice and equipping people to make a difference. She successfully pioneered and led a social justice charity equipping thousands of people to make a difference in their communities. 

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    CONACADO: Dominican cocoa producers strive towards excellence in production

    23 July 2020 by Fairtrade International

    In 2011, one of the biggest problems facing the Fairtrade cocoa cooperative CONACADO, based in the Dominican Republic, was the low productivity of its members.

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  • Fairtrade

    Empowering producers today to better the environment of tomorrow

    21 July 2020 by Avra Epstein

    Making choices that help shrink our environmental footprint is becoming easier than ever. As consumers, we have the opportunity to vote with our dollar every time that we make a purchase. Now more than ever, people are looking for their values to be reflected in their shopping carts.

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  • Banelino

    Organization drives COVID-19 prevention campaign in the Dominican Republic

    16 July 2020 by CLAC

    “Do you have to do your shopping?", a voice says over the phone in a message sent via WhatsApp. “First, try to limit the times you go out for the market or the store. The ideal would be to go out once a week, not every day. To go out, you must wear a facemask", continues the audio shared to workers, associates, and their families by the organization BANELINO.

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  • Aurum


    9 July 2020 by Fairtrade Africa

    The past 3 months have presented a season that will remain unforgotten in years to come among flower growers in East Africa. They have watched global markets close bringing down exports to almost non-existent volumes and stared at heaps upon heaps of fresh cut flowers left to decompose. Hundreds of thousands of flower farm workers have been victims of furlough and left uncertain about their future and that of their families in the absence of blooms that bring hope to their families.

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  • Cocoa

    Taking a Closer Look at Today’s Cocoa Industry

    7 July 2020 by Robert Desson, Fairtrade Canada

    Robert Desson is Fairtrade Canada’s Account Manager. By demonstrating the added value of being a Fairtrade brand here in Canada, he encourages companies to engage further with the Fairtrade system and promote their Fairtrade certification. In turn, this can lead to stronger, long-term commitments to support producers.

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  • Kibinge

    Fairtrade Producer bets on online to grow its value-added coffee

    24 June 2020 by Fairtrade Africa

    Uganda is the largest exporter of coffee and second leading producer in Africa, earning the country millions in foreign exchange per annum. This vibrant coffee industry is built on the shoulders of millions of small holder farmers who produce most of the country’s coffee. 

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  • World Day Against Child Labour

    COVID-19 risks driving more children into child labour

    11 June 2020 by Fairtrade International

    The COVID-19 crisis is a disaster for millions of children. On World Day against Child Labour, we highlight the risks to children’s wellbeing and four ways Fairtrade is responding.

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