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Will I receive a Fairtrade certificate of registration?

Yes. Fairtrade Canada will issue a certificate to each operator that has satisfied the certification requirements and had a physical audit. For operators that haven’t yet had a physical audit, the FLO-ID (validated by Fairtrade Canada) is sufficient proof of Fairtrade registration. 

How much does it cost to be certified by Fairtrade Canada? 

Fees are calculated differently depending on the type of operator you are. For all operators, there is a one-time application fee of $600 plus tax. If you are a trader buying or selling unfinished Fairtrade products, there is an annual certification fee of $600.  License fees for licensed partners cover this certification cost. If you are a licensee selling a finished product with the FAIRTRADE Mark, the license fee for use of the FAIRTRADE Mark on finished products will be calculated and invoiced quarterly based on the Fairtrade transactions you are required to report to Fairtrade Canada.  There is no cost associated with being audited by Fairtrade Canada. However, Fairtrade Canada reserves the right to charge for audit costs in exceptional circumstances (ex. missed audits).

I would like to certify a new product What do I have to do?

Any new products, pack sizes and/or style codes need to be certified and listed in the Application Form before they can go on sale with the FAIRTRADE Mark. To certify a new product, please contact your Category Specialist. Any follow up questions can be sent to license@fairtrade.ca.


If your business owns finished products which you sell on to wholesalers, retailers, distributors, food service companies or directly to the public, you can become a licensee and carry the FAIRTRADE Mark on your goods. Hundreds of companies are already licensees with Fairtrade Canada proudly showing the FAIRTRADE Mark on their products. When you become a licensee, you will receive:  - Help compiling and updating your Fairtrade supply chain to make sure your product and its ingredients meet our rigorous ethical guidelines - Information about our promotional activities for you to participate in and benefit from - Regular updates with the latest Fairtrade news including ways to get more involved - Tools and advice on how to use the FAIRTRADE Mark effectively  There are three simple steps to becoming a licensee:  Step 1. Go through our licensing checklist and then submit your application Step 2. Once you have applied, you will be contacted by a Fairtrade Canada Category Specialist Step 3. When your application is complete and has been approved, you will then be a Fairtrade Canada licensee and ready to get your products certified


If you are solely selling your Fairtrade products or ingredients in Canada, then you can get registered as a trader with Fairtrade Canada. This means your customers will be able to use your products or ingredients in their Fairtrade certified products. If you are buying and selling unfinished Fairtrade products or ingredients internationally, please visit the Fairtrade Labelling Organisation certification company FLO-Cert as you will need to become an internationally certified trader. When you join us as a registered trader, you will: - Receive help compiling and updating your Fairtrade supply chain to make sure your product and its ingredients meet our rigorous ethical guidelines. - Receive regular email updates with the latest Fairtrade news. How do I get involved? If you would like to become a registered trader, please read our Trader application page to learn about our requirements and contact us when you are ready to apply.

I want my business to stock and sell Fairtrade products

If you are a restaurant, caterer, cafe or retailer, we can help you provide Fairtrade products for your customers. Check out the list of companies that are registered with Fairtrade Canada to trade in Fairtrade certified products and/or to use the Fairtrade certification mark. 


Fairtrade Canada manages Fair Trade Programs in communities across Canada though our Town, Campus, School and Event Programs. Fairtrade Month and Fair Trade Campus Week are not-to-be missed promotions that our Programs actively participate in. This is your opportunity to connect with those community leaders so that they learn about your brand and have the opportunity to sample and learn where to purchase.

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is an independent, third party certification system for goods that are produced in the Global South. Its mission is to ensure better prices, decent working conditions and fair terms of trade and to support local sustainability for farmers and workers in the Global South. Fairtrade requires companies to pay sustainable prices therefore addressing the injustices of conventional trade, which traditionally discriminates against the poorest, weakest producers. It enables them to improve their position and have more control over their lives. Read more.

What is fair trade?

“Fairtrade” and “fair trade” are different terms that are often confused. “Fairtrade” refers only to Fairtrade organizations (such as Fairtrade Canada) or products certified through the Fairtrade International system. On the other hand, “Fair trade” can refer to many different things – the fair trade movement, fair trade products generally (which can include handicrafts), products that claim to be fairly traded but do not carry the FAIRTRADE Mark . The words “fair trade” are not trademarked by any person or organization. Read more.

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