Nuts, Oilseeds and Coconut

From cosmetics made with shea butter to soya sauce or rich coconut milk, Canadians are seeing an increased variety of Fairtrade products in their local health and supermarket stores. 

workerWhen you purchase products containing Fairtrade certified ingredients, farmers receive a Fairtrade Minimum Price which helps enhance their socio-economic standards, as well as a Fairtrade Premium that is invested in developing sustainable farming practices and much-needed community-based projects.

The women of the Akoma Cooperative in Ghana cover their costs of production by receiving the Fairtrade Minimum Price which is three times higher than the conventional price for shea butter; olive producers in Palestine who sell their oil for a fair price send their children to school and live in modest homes; Sri Lankan cooperative members experience the reality of the benefits derived through the Fairtrade Premium, such as drinking water projects, and the building of preschools. Read more.

Consult our interactive list of registered brands and companies that sell Fairtrade certified products in Canada. Contact them to find out where to buy in your area.